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Cattle Aberdeen-Angus

Cattle Aberdeen-Angus
  • Cattle Aberdeen-Angus
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Brand:Минское племпредприятие
Country of manufacture:Belarus

Bred in Scotland (Aberdeen and Angus County) improvement of local black hornless cattle. Animals of this breed are genetically hornless, bred black and red suit.

The live weight of the cows 550 - 700 kg, bulls 900 - 1100 kg, the height at the withers in females 125 - 140 cm in males 135 - 150sm. The live weight of calves at birth of 32 - 35 kg. Age at first calving 24 - 27 months. Carcass yield was 58 - 62% . The meat is very juicy and tasty. The milk yield of cows Angus low 1000 - 1800 kg per year.


Brand:Минское племпредприятие
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 07.05.2021

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